About This Conference

The Meet The DJ Music Conference is a networking event that allows artists to connect with DJs across the nation both independent and major. This conference is a major opportunity for anyone who truly wants to network and learn how to properly get their music promoted with both local and out of town DJs.

Our goal is to make sure that we educate and teach artists the correct way to get the exposure they need to succeed in this industry. Artists have the opportunity to promote and market their music and to hear from a panel of established DJs and/or Promoters in the industry and DJs have the opportunity to connect with other DJs across the nation.

Why this conference is for YOU!

Network and Connect

Artists can connect with DJs both major and independent

Promote and Market

Learn to promote and market your music to DJs nationwide

Get Professional Feedback

Hear from a panel of established DJs and/or Promoters in the industry

A Great Learning Experience

Learn the correct way to get paid off your talent

Winners of the 2017

Meet the DJ Conference

1st Place

Jay McGhee of Milwaukee, WI

2nd Place

Ali Rashad and Coriano of Oklahoma City, OK

3rd Place

Skyy Born of Memphis, TN

 All participants receive 3 months of radio promotion and rotation on five (5) royalty paying radio stations AND will be featured on the Bigga Rankin Meet the DJ Conference Mixtape distributed nationwide hosted by Bigga Rankin, MMG DJ Q and DJ Ms. Hypnotique.

Photos from the #MTDJC 2017

May 22, 2017 at Mingewood Hall